Reels Workshop



How to use Reels for your business


How to film, edit & use Reels efficiently


Your business with proven growth strategies

This Workshop Is

For You If



You want to learn how to create Reels & how to spot trends in order to grow your account


You want to learn the mistakes to avoid while creating Reels, in order to save time


You want to know what makes a successful Reel & how to never be out of inspiration


You want to understand all the functionnalities of Instagram in order to create Reels faster


You want to convert potential customers into buying customers


You want to be able to create Reels without feeling overwhelmed


Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app!

Adam Mosseri – Head of Instagram

How Does It Work?

How many people can assist the workshop & how much does it cost?

A Reels workshop can be given from 1 up to 20 people. 

If you would like to have more participants, we can split the workshop in groups. Please  contact us to discuss other alternatives (

Where does the workshop take place?

We can come to your office to give the workshop or we can rent a meeting room (with additional charges) in a co-working space depending on where you are located.

How can I book a workshop?

Fill-in the form below with all necessary information. We will then take contact with you and send you an offer.

How long is the workshop?

The workshop takes between 1 to 2 hours depending on the number of participants.

Do Reels work for any business?

Yes definitely! It’s just a matter of analysing how you can use it the most efficiently for your industry.

Do I need any material for the workshop?

You will preferably need a smartphone. Other than that, just yourself, your eagerness to learn, your positivity & patience 🙂

Learning reels can be fun!

Thanks for your interesting presentation. Had I made a short record of it -which i unfortunately did not- I would already have posted it with Real 2 Real’s ‘Move it’ as soundtrack 😎

Stephan Van Der Wildt

CEO of Wildt T&C

Vanuit Smart Media Agency leren we graag bij en hoe! Dankzij Laura & Emily kregen we een workshop op maat van onze noden. Voor social media managers zoals ons, konden ze ons toch nog enkele advanced weetjes en interessante inzichten bijbrengen. Zo gingen Laura & Emily volledig in-depth en gaven ons handige tips en tricks die specifiek nodig zijn voor onze klanten fantastische Reels te bezorgen. Hun enthousiasme, stiptheid en inzichten brengen veel bij. Of je nu voor een agency werkt of niet, de Reels workshop van Laura & Emily moet je hebben gedaan! Bedankt voor jullie energie en toffe Reels-weetjes!

Rani Surmont

Smart Media Agency

So many quick and easy tips you gave us! Thank youuuu!

Erin Offical Music

Musician/ artist

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