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“We work with Laura & Emily for our social media. We are an agency that does advertising but we are not very good at designing our own social media content. Which is very important these days! Laura & Emily helped us mainly with the graphic feed and with Reels. The reason we do this is to ensure that when people come on our feed they can straight away see a sort of professionalism and see that we know what we are talking about. I am very happy with it and would definitely recommend it!”

Joachim Badejoh

Social Media Advertising - Bade Media

“When you start your own business, such as making your own website, you try to do as much as you can yourself. But it can become so overwhelming at times that you lose track. I had difficulties to tell my story through my website and social media. Laura & Emily showed me with good tips and tricks how I could bring my story to my future clients, how to connect with them and also how to optimize my website to have a better traffic. Laura & Emily are so patient, professional and always ready for a challenge to make your business thrive even more! Whenever I can, I always recommend them to anyone that needs help with their social media content or website.”

Ismahen - Fayahen

Jewellery Webshop Owner, Fayahen

“We are a creative agency specialized in inclusive marketing. Laura & Emily helped us with an introduction to the world of Reels & Tiktok. They introduced me also to create my first Reel. It was really really interesting. I would definitely recommend to work with Laura & Emily. They are great  & definitely have the knowledge to help you create your social media content.”

Taha Riani

Managing Partner, Allyens

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